Since 1987 – Safety Consultancy

We are an engineering company established in 1987.  We pride ourselves as first of all engineers: having the ability to deal with customer needs approaching them with effective and efficient spirit!

In Eidos you can discover goal and project-oriented consultants, not masters of the theory without practical experience: we are the blue collars of safety not the bewigged majesties of theoretical safety!

The English version of Eidos site is related to services that Eidos offers abroad. For services offered in Italy please refer to the Italian version or contact us directly.

Eidos provides only custom tailored services at clients’ premises so don’t be afraid to ask for something not listed on this site: for us being consultants means solving customer’s specific issues with an engineering approach!

Eidos Staff

Eidos staff is trained on multi-disciplinary skills to assist the customers on all the different facets of safety speaking the same language of plant designers and managers.

About Us


Eidos provides safety consultancy employing one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Catalan.

(…so we are able to use the native languages of more than one billion people!)

Why you should choose Eidos?

For our position, for our methods, for our indipendence , for our “4ity” approach!

More informations!
Safety consultancy, five steps away (pdf)