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Land-use and layout Compatibility

The evaluation of the land use compatibility for new plants or sites is becoming a common request from Authorities dealing with the public safety. In European Community this aspect became mandatory with the 2012/18/UE directive, in UK under the COMAH regulations.

The layout compatibility of the projected plant is usually required by the customer of the engineering firm (often the manager of the future plant/site) to guarantee that the future plant will not interfere with the existing ones. Sometimes this requirement is coming from corporate safety policies. In this case the compatibility is not a law requirement but a mandatory input from the customer.

Eidos has specific knowledge about reverse-engineering the compatibility processes. This will identify the worst-case scenarios that are still compatible with the surroundings. In this case Eidos, given a location and the nearby area, will provide the engineering firm with all the constrains to the project. The identified requirements can be about layout (minimum clearance of critical equipment from the fence, etc.), about hold-up (maximum inventory of a given substance that cannot be isolated during an accident), about gasket and seals (choice of a improved seal/gasket type will lead to reduced spills), about fire-proofing, about fire-fighting equipment, about ESD, about detectors networks, etc.

All these additional requirements will be collected in a broader scope document “Fire zones and fire fighting philosophy“.

Eidos can evaluate compatibility of future sites/plants using widespread accepted methods or local/national guidelines.

Eidos developed the Lombardy Regional guidelines about Land Use planning and compatibility in the nearby of Hazardous Sites (as defined by EC Directives). Lombardy region has the highest density of Hazardous sites and population of the whole country (30% of hazardous site and 17% of the population of the whole Country). Eidos has also developed the guidelines for the compatibility of the Italian national pipelines network.

Eidos uses the Risk integration method outlined in the Risk evaluation and mitigation page.