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Hazardous Area Classification

Eidos method and technical references are listed in the HAC Industrial safety page.

Eidos has experience in Hazardous Area Classification of refineries with the old “Division System” (API RP500) or the new “Zone System” (API RP505 and IEC 60079-10 edition 2 by the 26-08-2015)

Eidos has also developed a faster, but fully compliant method customised for Refineries. This method made possible the complete classification of a Refinery with more than 50 plants and a seaport built over an area of more than 4 km2 in a very tight time lapse.

In the field of ignition sources, Eidos developed a proprietary method to address this topic covering all the potential sources listed in IEC 1127-1:2011. This proprietary method based on a huge collection of standards and experience coming from HSE, IP, API, IEC, ICI, BS, ISO, etc.

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