Since 1987 – Safety Consultancy

Consultancy on Laws and Standards

Eidos can assist Engineering firms during the design and the EPC phases with consultancy on safety. Together we can address any requirement and identify smart solutions that will meet your customer requests with sound engineering and safety and environment policies.

Eidos is focused mainly on safety since 1987. During these years Eidos has developed relationships with the major standardization bodies and has collected know-how on national regulations. Eidos is member of NFPA, AIChE, etc.

Eidos has also experience in applying corporate level best practices to single site/country to include site peculiarities and/or country specific laws requirements.

Eidos staff is trained on multi-disciplinary skills to assist the customers on all the different facets of safety.

Eidos can also provide environment consultancy on its own domestic markets (European Community and Brazil) and to a smaller extent worldwide. This is due to the fact that environmental rules are usually tightly connected with national laws and so, if you require consultancy on laws of a specific country, we may not be your best choice. Instead, if you, or your customers, are looking for environmental consultancy on subject not tightly related with countries regulations (Best Available Techniques BAT, modeling environmental impacts, etc.) we can advise you. Eidos is always focused on solving problems not generating them!