Since 1987 – Safety Consultancy

Refinery Safety

Since its inception in 1987, Eidos provides safety consultancy to customers worldwide mainly in the downstream field that is our core business.


Eidos had studied more than 500 refineries’ plants for the leading corporations and engineering firms worldwide and is used to have its employees resident in Refineries where Eidos won multi-years contracts for the outsourcing of safety services.

Eidos experience in dealing with safety services headed to Downstream is showcased by our expertise in applying the standards and best practices of the sector or in developing custom tailored methods from them.

Eidos provides only custom tailored services so don’t be afraid to ask for something not listed (as long as it is related to safety of course: we just do that!): for us being consultants means solving customer’s issues with an engineering approach!

Eidos services about refinery safety are highlighted in the linked pages:

The aforementioned services are the most common in the refinery safety field. Eidos has developed specific skills in dealing with:

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