Since 1987 – Safety Consultancy

Functional Safety – SIL

Eidos develops the Functional Safety Assessment of the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) in accordance with EN/IEC 61508 “Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems” and EN/IEC 61511 “Functional Safety: Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry Sector” with the goal of identifying the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) associated with every single instrumented loop (fluid-to-fluid).

The EN/IEC 61511 is specific implementation of the general standard to the Process Industry.

The standard provides for the identification of the related SIL for each Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) implemented by a SIS. In other words: SIL is a measurement of the performance required by a SIF.

Eidos can employ all the different methods listed in the standard.

Eidos has its roots in quantitative risk assessment so, for us, doing HazOp, Fault trees, consequences calculations is a very common task. This set us apart from companies doing SIL evaluation coming from Maintenance and Inspection field.

Eidos has also specific skills in developing “SIL analysis” in assistance to engineering firms during the different stages of a new plant/project/site, please refer to Engineering assistance.