Since 1987 – Safety Consultancy

Emergency Planning

Eidos is focused on consultancy about plant emergency in all the “classical” phases: prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

Eidos developed hundreds of Plant emergency plans based on the following structure:

  • Scope
  • Application field
  • Procedural and law references
  • Definitions
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Plant description
  • Substances
  • Simplified process diagram and block diagram
  • Communication and emergency signals
  • Prevention and protection equipment
  • Fire apparatus
  • Personnel involved
  • Emergency case cards (one for each top-event):
    • Description of the case
    • Actions required by operation personnel with a plot highlighting valves and other equipments to be operated on the field
    • Actions required by fire brigade personnel with a plot highlighting valves, fire apparatus, position of fire trucks and other equipments/actions to do on the field
    • Actions required for recovery with special focus on the treatment of the wastes (firefighting water and foam, sludges, etc.).
  • Behaviour instructions
  • Plot plans
  • Emergency white pages
  • Material safety data sheets

Eidos can assist you in all the different phases:

  • developing new emergency plans
  • reviewing your own emergency plan
  • auditing your own emergency plan
  • scheduling and supervising the emergency plan mock tests

Eidos fully adhere to US FEMA EM Institute principles of emergency management: comprehensive, progressive, risk-driven, integrated, collaborative, coordinated, flexible and professional.

Eidos made Plant Emergency plans are fully compliant with Directive 2012/18/EU and 2012/18/UE.

Eidos can assist you also with:

  • Site Emergency Plan
  • Off-Shore Emergency and Rescue Plan
  • Crisis management Plan
  • Wide-area Emergency Plan (p.e. Pipelines)
  • Civil Protection Plan (from local to country wide)