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Land-use Compatibility

Land Use Planning (LUP) nearby Hazardous Industrial sites is becoming a common request from Authorities dealing with the public safety. In European Community this aspect became mandatory with the 2012/18/UE directive, in UK under the COMAH regulations.

Eidos can evaluate compatibility for exiting and future site (for future site compatibility please refer to Engineering Assistance Land Use Compatibility) using widespread accepted methods or local/national guidelines, like:

  • Land use planning guidelines, European Commission – Joint Research Centre, 2006
  • Control Of Major Accidents Hazards regulations – COMAH
  • PADHI (Planning Advice for Developing near Hazardous Installation) Method, Health and Safety Executive UK, 2011
  • Ministerial Decree 9 May 2001, Italian Public Works Ministry, 2001
  • HIPAP 4: Risk Criteria for Land use safety planning, State of New South Wales Australia Department of Planning 2011

Eidos uses the Risk integration method outlined in the Risk evaluation and mitigation page.