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Fire zones and Firefighting philosophy

Eidos is able to assist engineering firms during the FEED phase to define the fire zones of a planned plant/site and developing the fire-fighting philosophy.

These documents are needed in the early phases of the engineering, usually to be attached to the calls for tender for the EPC contract. They are also used to evaluate different solutions during the awarding phase of EPC.

The fire-fighting philosophy is a hybrid document between the simple statement of “complying with national laws and well-know international standards” (feasibility/basic design phase) and a full-blown fire-fighting and safety project (ready during the EPC phase).

The document details the standard to be used, adjusted to the national codes and standards, and lies as the foundation of EPC Contractor safety engineering development. Usually the document will address the following aspects:

  • Layout constraints and requirement
  • Detection (gas and fire) networks
  • Active fire protection
  • Passive fire protection
  • Fire-fighting base performance
  • Alarm systems (manual and automatic)
  • Equipment specific requirements
  • Building specific requirements
  • Emergency power generation requirements
  • Minimization of the inventory
  • List of standard and national laws to be referenced

Sometimes the Philosophy will also address specific issues like safety during construction, ESD systems, etc.