Since 1987 – Safety Consultancy


Quantitative Risk Assessment (or Process Hazard Analysis or Plant Safety Review or Safety Report) refers to the complete safety assessment of a plant. The assessment is carried on in various meetings and some time must be spent also at Eidos offices in order to develop the required simulations (Faulttree, Consequences, etc.).

QRA requires professional experience and technical know-how from different fields. To assure our customers of a good and consistent quality of services, Eidos grooms Analysts and develops in house methods for risk assessment to reach the desired goals.

Eidos is able to prepare QRA/PHA in accordance with 2012/18/UE DIRECTIVE and COMAH regulations UK.

Eidos prepares QRA studies employing different references/standards to fulfil customers’ requirements.

QRA/PHA/Safety Report of a plant is usually prepared on the following occasions:

  1. At the end of basic design or FEED (please refer to Engineering Assistance)
  2. Pre-startup safety review: for a new plant or after significant modifications of an exiting one
  3. At least every five years (this requirement is coded by  2012/18/UE directive and COMAH UK regulations and became a common practice)
  4. Before decommissioning of the plant (required only by EC Directive)

During QRA/PHA Eidos develops a complete set of ancillary studies, please refer to Industrial safety or Refinery Safety.

Eidos develops QRA studies since 1987 using the following “classic approach”: