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HazOp (HAZard and OPerability) is the leading method to identify project’s “top-events” related to the processes involved. HazOp is the perfect tool to understand what can go wrong in a plant due to deviations from the design and operational intent.

HazOp is a time-consuming activity that targets the goal of a careful review of a site with a structured and systematic approach.

Eidos strongly believes in the “classic” HazOp approach, the one defined by ICI and others during the 70s, that, in our experience, is the most challenging but leads to a more exhaustive analysis than the “library-based” and the “knowledge-based” approaches.

During the engineering phase Eidos always suggests to extend the HazOp scope to all the ancillaries that, despite the fact that they are not engineered along the project, may be source or target of the HazOp deviations.

To encompass the main implicit drawback in the HazOp method, the underlying assumption that the normal operating conditions are safe and appropriate codes are used, Eidos provides to the engineering firm the “Pre-HazOp safety review” that investigates the design of the plant/process before committing to HazOp meetings.

Eidos provides the whole HazOp team (chairman/facilitator and scribe) at your premises using one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Catalan.

Eidos develops HazOp analysis using IEC 61882:2016 as reference and records the sessions using HazOp+ software by Isograph UK.