Since 1987 – Safety Consultancy

Plant Safety

Since its inception in 1987, Eidos provides plant safety consultancy to customers worldwide applying its knowledge to a lot of plants and facilities in a wide range of industrial fields (Petrochemical, Downstream, Upstream, Chemical, Handling and storage of dangerous goods, Pharmaceutical, All kind of transport, Seaports, etc.).


Chemical factory

Eidos services about plant safety are highlighted in the linked pages:

The aforementioned services are the most common in plant safety field. Eidos has developed specific skills in dealing with:

Eidos provides only custom tailored services, so don’t be afraid to ask for something not included (as long as related to safety of course: we do just that!): for us being consultants means solving customer’s issues with an engineering approach!

Eidos provides plant safety consultancy employing one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Catalan (so we are able to use the native languages of more than one billion people!).