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Occupational Safety

Eidos services on occupational safety are listed in a specific section of this site so for Eidos methods and approaches please refer there.

Eidos is able to supply, in occupational safety, some common activities carried on in upstream and downstream fields during normal operation or during turnarounds, like:

  • Drilling and well service operations (API RP49, RP54)
  • Operations involving Hydrogen sulfide (API RP55)
  • Onshore oil and gas production operation (API RP74)
  • Welding, cutting and hot works (API RP582, API RP2009)
  • Hot tapping operations (API Publ 2201)
  • Works in inert confined spaces (API Std 2217A)
  • Operations in vacuum trucks (API RP2219)
  • Entry, cleaning and hot works in Petroleum Storage tanks (API Std 2015, API RP2016, API RP2021, API RP2023, API Publ 2026, API Publ 2207)

Of course we don’t use only API standards so don’t be afraid to ask us for something else: Eidos delivers only custom based services.