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Management of Change

The application of the Management of Change Procedure/System (MoC), usually an integral part of a SMS/SEMS/PSM/HSE System, is required any time there is a planned modification of a plant or site.

Plant or Site Managers have to deal with the MoC requirements during all the phases of a modification from ideation to startup. Very often MoC involves
a “no-increase of risk” policy that has to be verified at every phase.

Eidos can provide the decision-makers with a fast and flexible way of evaluating different proposed modifications in terms of:

  • increase of risk by frequency or severity of consequences
  • spread of risk to surrounding areas by magnitude of consequences and exposure levels

Eidos can take care of all the activities involved:

  • HazId (during basic design, FEED, “as built”)
  • HazOp (during basic design, FEED, “as built”)
  • QRA/PHA/Safety review (during basic design, FEED, “as built”)
  • Preparation and collection of the related documents
  • Presentation and training

Of course, if required by laws, Eidos will prepare the study to apply for the mandatory authorization from the Authorities.