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Risk Evaluation and Mitigation

The final goal of a plant safety review (QRA/PHA) is to assess the residual risk and, in case it is not deemed acceptable, mitigate it through any kind of improvement.

So, as the last stage of a QRA/PHA, Eidos evaluates residual risks using the following criteria:

  • Standard and/or laws
  • Specific goal suggested/given by customer
  • Risk matrix (3×3, 4×4 or 5×5)
  • Risk integration. Please refer to Industrial safety

A newer approach was developed by Eidos for the Italian government and it is based on wide area risks integration. This approach, applied on Milan metro area (all kind of risk: direct, indirect and domino), Italian pipelines network, Lombardy dangerous goods transport systems (roads, rails, pipelines and inland waterways) and various seaports, permits to evaluate risks on a broader scale in comparison with all the risks related to the area under study. This approach is suitable to compare frequencies and/or consequences and/or exposure levels (human, environmental, etc.).

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Eidos is very proud of its engineering approach and background, that let us speak the same language of the companies appointed to manage the plant. Eidos is able to assist companies in picking the best mitigation solution among:

  • Process improvements
  • Design improvements
  • Organisational reviews
  • Prevention and protection improvements

All the mitigations/improvements will be weighted quantitatively based on the chosen criteria above, reviewing frequencies, consequences and exposure levels (you know: we are engineers and love to evaluate through numbers!).