Since 1987 – Safety Consultancy

Lightning Protection

Eidos has experience in the application of the EN/IEC 62305 “Protection against lightning” to industrial site mainly in petroleum facilities (refineries, tanks farm, etc.) together with EN 62561 “Lightning protection components”.

Eidos uses the Rolling Sphere Method (RSM) (aka Electro-Geometric Model – EGM), that is referenced also in NFPA 780 “Standard for the installation of lightning protection systems” (edition 2017), and prefers to avoid the Protection Angle Method (PAM) and the Mesh Method (MM) that are included in the standard mainly for legacy purposes.

These studies are usually developed jointly with Layout Risk Assessment, please refer there for information about stages of design and Eidos consultancy.

Identifying the requirements of the LPS (Lightning Protection System) together with LRA leads to a pleasant blooming of synergies among them!

Note that Eidos is able to provide the engineering firm with risk management for all the kinds of loss stated in the standard:

  • L1 – Loss of human life
  • L2 – Loss of essential services
  • L3 – Loss of cultural heritage
  • L4 – Economic loss (Loss of the assets)

But, usually, only the L1 is required during the design phase (and also later).

Eidos uses Zeus (CEI – the IEC Italian Branch) and Flash (TNE) software to develop the calculation, but we are able to use also different software if required by customer.