Since 1987 – Safety Consultancy

Workplace Safety

Eidos has experience in evaluating workplace safety in process industries and in the related buildings.

Eidos has developed specific check-lists based on European Community Regulations, US Regulations and international standards (API, HSE UK, etc.).

Eidos approach, based on custom tailored services, let us develop, share and apply check-lists to your factory dealing with your own corporate or site procedures and your peculiarities and specific issues: no off-the-shelf solutions!

If some additional requirements on your workplaces will arise as necessary, Eidos engineering background let us evaluate with easy the more effective solution.

Our knowledge in plant and site safety makes us able to balance the workplace safety requirements with the plant safety requirements (you will be surprised how often these requirements are diverging) and your work organization.

Of course, when applicable, the workplace safety findings will feed the workers safety evaluation.