Since 1987 – Safety Consultancy

About Us


Eidos is a company that, since 1987, operates in the fields of industrial safety engineering in several sectors (Oil & Gas, Chemical, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Waste recovery, Foundry, Galvanic, Logistics, Wood, Automotive, etc.).

Why Eidos?

whyeidosFor our position, for our methods, for our indipendence and for our “4ity” approach!
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Eidos operates from its head office in Milan throughout the country and abroad

The Approach

Our approach is based on our strong belief that safety can only be built on an in-depth knowledge of industrial processes under study and this is why Eidos provides only on-site custom tailored services. We don’t believe and we will never provide you with off the shelf generic solutions to your REAL needs.

Eidos Staff

Eidos technical staff consists of about fifteen engineers, trained over the years within the company to ensure uniformity in the activities, continuous presence and to optimize the cost for the customer. We are proud of our engineering-first approach that enables us to speak the same language of plant designers and managers.

Eidos operates in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan.