Since 1987 – Safety Consultancy

Programs & Software

Eidos has a broad collection of computer programs to facilitate our services, of which the most important and comprehensive includes:

  • DNV Phast Multi-component
  • TNO Effects  GIS & Damage 
  • Isograph Reliability Workbench
  • Isograph Hazop+
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Reliasoft XFMEA

Eidos relies on a collection of more than 500 Markov chains for the application of IEC 61508/11.

Eidos keeps updated a huge library of technical books, standards and databanks.

Eidos R&D has also developed softwares such as:

  • KatMar (seismic stress simulations on plants, developed jointly with Politecnico di Torino)
  • Teseo 2 (stochastic estimation of human error)
  • DOM_INC (predictive method of domino effects on event of fire)
  • DOM_EXP (predictive method of domino effects on event of explosion in two versions: screening and detailed)
  • Sirio (pool-fire thermal radiation model)
  • Flare (jet-fire thermal radiation model)
  • Thingol (Revised Dow Fire index method in 3 versions: HC storage unit, Under pressure storage unit and general plant)
  • VES 1 (methodology for assessing the vulnerability of buildings with respect to all incidental consequences)
  • Events 1.1 (method for the development of event trees)
  • RR3 (method for the identification and evaluation of stochastic random failure)
  • Amm_Abs (method for sizing of barriers for absorption of ammonia)
  • Ign_Ctrl 1.2 (method for monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness of ignition sources for all types provided by UNI1127),
  • PIA (method for integrating risks of different nature on a geographical scale)