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Fault Tree Analysis – FTA

Fault Trees Analysis is employed to assess the expected frequency of the top-events identified during Hazard Identification phase (case histories, HazOp, FMEA/FMECA, random ruptures, etc.).

Eidos method and instruments are listed in the Plant safety section

Fault-Trees analysis during the preparation of a QRA/safety review of a site are required for assessing the underlying frequency of:

  • Ancillary systems/plants
  • Top-events coming from “outside the fence” risks because they can act on more than one plant inside the site
  • Top-events coming from wide-area events (earthquakes, typhoons, etc.) because they impact all the plants of a site

Please refer to Top-event identification for further details about these cases.

Eidos developes Fault Trees and Markov Chains fully compliant with IEC 61025 and IEC 61165.

Once the expected frequency of a top-event is known, Eidos applies a proprietary method to develop Event Trees Analysis – ETA.