Since 1987 – Safety Consultancy


Eidos is able to provide training services about safety related topics to customers worldwide.

Eidos is specialized in supply courses in different ways:

  1. Classroom “standard” courses
  2. Internet based courses
  3. Teaching materials for information/training kiosks
  4. Teaching materials to be published on corporate intranet
  5. Teaching materials to be distributed in printed form and/or through emails

Eidos is focused on custom tailored services at your premises so we love to supply training directly at your offices. A very appreciated feature is our capability to deliver our training services during the various shifts (a lot customers ask us training at the beginning or at the end of the shifts to lower the impact on organization) lowering the training total cost for the customer. We don’t disrupt your shift organization: we are focused on solving your problems not deploying new ones!

Eidos is able to assists you in the information and training of contractors personnel with a special focus during turnaround activities.

Eidos is able to script and produce audio-visual products for its customers (for example Videos about safety procedures inside a factory, about handling specific dangerous goods, etc.).

Eidos is able to assist the customers also on the publishing aspects. Of course, if you prefer to work with your own publishing firm we will supply them all the materials needed and we will advise them to pick the best layouts for our goals.

Eidos provides training services using one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Catalan (so we are able to use the native languages of more than one billion people!).  We never experienced excellent technical translation services (also the so called certified ones) so we try to avoid the need for them.