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Emergency Planning

Eidos is focused on consultancy about industrial risk emergency planning in all the “classical” phases: prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

Eidos can assist you with:

  • Plant Emergency Plan
  • Site Emergency Plan
  • Off-Shore Emergency and Rescue Plan
  • Crisis management Plan
  • Wide-area Emergency Plan (p.e. Pipelines)
  • Civil Protection Plan (from local to country wide)

The form and the content of a Site Emergency Plan are the same highlighted in the Plant safety but the scope is different. Eidos, in the site emergency plans investigates the actions to be carried out to avoid domino effects between different plants and/or between plants and the “outside the fences” installation, the size of the firefighting water reservoir and of the fire brigade, the site-wide escape routes and alarm communication system, etc.

Eidos can assist you in:

  • Developing a new emergency plan
  • Reviewing your own emergency plan
  • Auditing your own emergency plan
  • Scheduling and supervising the whole-site emergency plan mock tests
  • Verifying the suitability of firefighting system and organization using NFPA 600 (edition 2015, first draft report 9/5/2013), API RP 2001 (9th edition, April 2012), NFPA 1: Fire Code (2015 edition). All the evaluation will be based on the “performance based option” (NFPA Fire code Chapter 5). Other standards (European, etc.) can be used on customer’s request

Eidos fully adhere to US FEMA EM Institute principles of emergency management: comprehensive, progressive, risk-driven, integrated, collaborative, coordinated, flexible and professional.